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Meet Our Team

Deserie Valloreo

Deserie is passionate about helping holistic wellness providers realize the value of their knowledge and experience and use it to create something of greater value for themselves, their business, and their clients. Deserie has over 20 years of project management experience and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management. She is also  a Certified Clinical Herbalist and certified Yoga Instructor. Deserie is also the publisher of the Holistic Approach book series. She has delivered hundreds of wellness workshops through her company HerbalWise. She is the creator of her own line of herbal remedies and is featured in over 200 eHow.com instructional videos on natural remedies for health and home.  Lastly, she is the owner of Insight Wellness Works, a provider of workplace wellness programs and founder of Holistic Network International.

Debbie Hutchinson

Debbie is the Executive Director and Founder of Astounding Victory Over Intoxicating Drugs (A.V.O.I.D.), a non-profit organization. She is also the owner of a newly formed for-profit business, Turning Tides.  She has recently completed course work in a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is currently working on a certification in nutrition for the CNS. Debbie takes a functional medicine approach to nutrition; her interests are in providing viable and alternative solutions to those who struggle with mental health and addictions.

Laura Turley

Laura enjoyed a successful 30-year corporate career in the banking, brokerage and search industries. As she was approaching middle-age and contemplating the next chapter of her life, she longed for more personal fulfillment and had a strong desire to be of service to others. She realized that she has a special talent for helping people, both physically and emotionally, so she obtained her massage therapy license and became immersed in the health & wellness field.

Shelley Parris Williams

Shelley is a Self-care Advocate & Mind/Body Practitioner who blends Holistic Health, Life Coaching, Mind Mastery and Energy Medicine in her healing arts practice known as The Womb Sanctuary; She has trained with world-renowned master teachers, experts, coaches and trainers from across the globe. Shelley navigates the world as a fierce MOMpreneur, writer, speaker, and guide to the Sacred Feminine Energy. She is dedicated to seeing others live whole by promoting tools and resources to help them do so. Through active movements like IgniteHER Power, Shelley educates, empowers and inspires the amazing community of women she serves to walk in their Divine Power and Truth to operate as Emotionally Well-BEINGs. She is committed to community initiatives, strategic partnerships and other collaborative projects to further the cause for women’s health and wellness.

Sandra Fidelis

Sandra Fidelis is a Business Coach and Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Bestselling Author who helps professional women create a successful business that makes an impact. She's the practical coach for women entrepreneurs who teaches her clients how to charge what they’re worth, double their practice and simultaneously experience more time, flexibility and fulfillment, while making an impact.

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