Student Membership with Holistic Network International

You are working toward the qualifications you need to begin your career in health and wellness, but you need that extra edge to move ahead of the rest. HNI student membership opens the door to the connections, knowledge and professional development tools you need to succeed as you pursue your career.

HNI Student membership gives you that edge by helping you to:

  • ·         Build a network of business contacts
  • ·         Collaborate with experienced wellness professionals
  • ·         Learn business strategies and tactics specific to the wellness industry

Your student membership will give you the knowledge and tools to develop your professional identity. You'll make connections with people who work in your target field, plus those who hire for the positions you seek.

Qualifications for Student Membership

To be eligible for student membership, you will need to provide verification that you are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program and submit evidence with your application you are earning credit hours towards receiving an associates, bachelors, or masters level degree at a recognized college or university.

ISACA student membership is available for first-time members only. Individuals that are currently or were previously ISACA members at any level (other than student) are not eligible for membership at this rate. Membership at the student level is limited to 6 years in total.

Current students should submit proof of their enrollment status along with their student membership application. Note: Only one (1) form of verification is needed. Acceptable verification includes:

1.     Copy of your class schedule

2.     University transcript

3.     Letter from the university verifying enrollment

Student Membership Fee: $49.00 (70% discount)

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